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AeroBrake: SPICA 2.0 by KuroizawaAi AeroBrake: SPICA 2.0 by KuroizawaAi
Name – Danica Estella Windsor aka SPICA
Age – 17
Height - 162cm/5'3"
Rank - C [Tuner]
Road - Ring Road
Rider - none, looking for one! 8D

Spica’s Air Trecks
Spica's Air Trecks is modeled after her favorite shoes. Although she only uses it for recreational purpose, she reinforces her Air Trek so it is almost as capable like the ones used by Storm Riders. Spica’s parts are made from light carbon fibers to minimize weight, increases its durability, and it’s more capable to support extreme maneuvers than her previous Air Trek. The shells are made detachable, so she can easily change colour or pattern of it when she gets bored with one. The insides are padded with light and soft material for comfort.

Ring Road
A support road that consists of fixing and synchronizing Air Treks with their respective riders. They are, in a sense, specialized mechanics in that they cannot participate in Parts Wars or Team Battles-- but while mechanics work with the surface-level technicalities, tuners are far more knowledgeable of the intimate workings of ATs. They create the ultimate configuration between a rider and their equipment by listening to the “rhythm” of the body and ATs, subsequently synchronizing them to the optimal levels by adjusting parts and values inside of the ATs.

Personality /Traits
• Cheerful
• Adaptable
• Hardworking. Kinda like the get-the-job-done-type, even when it means no rest/sleep for the rest of the night.
• Experimental (be warned whoever who wants to be her Rider may also be her 2nd guinea pig- /shot)
• Independent
(more to be discovered through rps)

Danica, or also called as Spica, is the only daughter of the sole heir of a company who manufactured airplane parts. Her father joined the army after he graduated from a famous university and becomes an Air Force’s fighter jet pilot. His family was against his decision and keeps insisting him to take his role as an heir seriously, but he remains at his stand. His family eventually gives up after he showed them he’s one of the best in his field.
Her parents divorced when she was really young and she stays with her father ever since. Spica really adores her father and her dream is to become a jet-fighter pilot like him when she grows up. She usually stays with her grandparents when he was on duty, watching her grandfather designing airplane parts and she started to grow an interest in airplane mechanics. When she was in her final year of junior high school, her dad got assigned to Pacific Air Force in Japan as a senior jet fighter instructor, they left US and moved to Japan.
One day, a classmate of her brought her to an AT store. She immediately fell in love with its concept and design. For her, ATs is the closest thing she can get now to reach the sky. She decided to learn more about ATs and managed to get a pair by herself. Spica picked a special interest in tuning and uses her AT as her own convenient guinea pig. Although she’s fluent enough to compete with her ATs, she is not interested in joining AT battles and only ride for fun. She chooses to be a Tuner so she can help fellow Riders and channels her passion in crafting.
Spica wasn’t fluent enough in Japanese yet, so she takes most of her time last year to learn the language and gets herself used to the difference between education systems (she challenged herself and get in a public school instead of expat one). She spent her free time redesigning and remodeling her AT.



• Cats, birds
• Coffee, matcha, cheese cake
• Physics and maths
• Sports
• Long ‘air’-time
• Light rain
• Airplanes (especially jet fighters)
• Her dad
• ATs

• Dogs
• Soda, shrimps
• Biology

• She collects hats, especially animal hats.
• Has a watermelon-loving black cat named Rilo and a super clingy green budgie named Tea. Rilo is a well trained cat and loves to tag along on her shoulder when she was riding. She hates dogs because once it almost ate her pet bird.
• Quite athletic since her dream is to become a pilot, she also a member of basketball team in her school.
(more to be added later)

Skype/YM: send yours via note, I'll send you mine! 8D My nick in Skype is 黒-VEI~
I’m more comfortable with script RPing, but its fine if you like paragraphs more! *v* I don’t mind trying in paragraphs as long you can excuse my crappy grammar etc xD ;;


:iconspicaplz::iconsaysplz: Hello!

I hope she can get along with everyone (;w;
*still editing minor details and retyping her profile, gonna be updated soon! RP via Formspring/YM/Skype!~*
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SuiSauce Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, uh... Gaius could really use a tuner... D-do you think Spica may be interested ;__;
KuroizawaAi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
ohh sure! she's looking for a rider too atm *v*
NiveousLamia Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2013
Great characterer xD 
KuroizawaAi Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
thank you! :iconasdfghplz:
AzureBlaxis Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013   General Artist
pretty bebe~
KuroizawaAi Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
thank you! :heart:
tickitoki Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wowwww she's so cute a;slkdjf
we should rp sometimes
KuroizawaAi Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013
amg ty!:heart: I'd love to rp with you too!~ *v*
asphyyyy Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you need to make a solo emblem for your OC and add it to the app, please!
KuroizawaAi Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
amg I forgot- ;; thank you for reminding me! 8'D ;;
will do ASAP once I get home tomorrow! I'm still on holiday trip atm ;;w;; 
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